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Feature articles about the benefits of music for online music education magazine

“When we commission a piece, we know that the work is in safe hands, and we regard Writing Services more as a business partner than a supplier. Like any publication, regardless of format, the range, quality and consistency of content are of paramount importance. We selected Writing Services because when they wrote for our previous publications the standard of the work was excellent. We have also had first-rate feedback from other customers of theirs. They’ve produced material of the highest quality, meticulously researched and written to our exact specifications, with regard to style, suitability for target audience and range of content. Articles are also produced to a stated budget and on deadline.” Ian Clethero, Managing Director, 1Hub Media Ltd

Before launching a new digital magazine, MusicStage, Ian Clethero, Managing Director of 1Hub Media, approached Writing Services to write a series of articles on the value of music.

Using information already collected on our own research evidence website, Music Education Works!, we also conducted additional research on studies conducted around the UK and the rest of the world to gather the most up-to-date information available.

Ian was pleased with the results and we’ve had a great response from the articles so far, with many comments and shares on Twitter.

Read the articles:

Are hierarchical attitudes to genre holding young people back?

Be healthy, happy, and mentally fit – make music!

Is music good for your child?

How parents and grandparents can champion music education

Read other articles:

Music Teacher magazine – Cardiff Music Service rises to the challenge

Primary Health Care – creative opportunities– Primary Health Care (evidence-based journal for the nursing profession) – part of a campaign for Voluntary Arts

Headteachers’ views on the importance of music education – Music Education UK magazine

Archive articles list on the blogcontact us if you’d like a copy of any of the articles



  1. RajuDewan on 25th November 2019 at 1:08 pm

    In the name of music therapy we’re trying to cure illness by listening music or singing, which is possible only if people live five hundred years.

  2. RajuDewan r on 25th November 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Horizontal is a broader form of vertical and vertical is also broader form of harmonic vertical overtones, that’s the way of nature dominancy therapy.

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