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Facing up to cuts: the first crowd-funded music service in Wales?

This article was first published in Music Teacher magazine, November 2014. Download the article. Anita Holford reports on the state of play for music services in Wales, and how one music service has faced the challenges of local authority cuts head on. Being a music teacher isn’t easy at the moment, but if you’re working…

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Poverty funding and music in Wales

The national newspaper of Wales, the Western Mail, recently reported that Cardiff Council was recommending schools use their Pupil Deprivation Grant (similar to the Pupil Premium in England) to replace bursaries from the music service for music lessons, which are being cut. It reported that the Education Minister, Huw Lewis, would be writing to Cardiff Council to give it…

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Apocalypse now for music education in Wales and England?

Music education in many places in Wales is in a dreadful state, and the situation doesn’t seem likely to improve any time soon. The Welsh Assembly Government’s long-awaited music education review was published six months ago now, and yet very little’s happened since. You can read more about this in my article (Music education in…

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Wales: a land with less music?

Amid all the discussion and debate about the review of music education in England, there was also a review here in Wales. It was published, somewhat quietly, by Welsh Assembly Government some months ago – see my previous post, Wales’ music education review. I spoke to two of the people who were behind the original…

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My personal wish list for music education in Wales

It’s been three months since the Welsh Assembly Government published their review of music education, and I’m just about to start talking to a few people involved in the sector to get their views. It’ll take me a while to write the article – which will be published in Sounding Board, the community music journal…

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Wales’ music education review – it’s all gone quiet over here

I’m really baffled that no-one’s reporting or blogging about the Welsh Assembly Government’s review of music education. As far as I can see there was no official press release, there have been no reports in the main newspapers in Wales, and I’ve not found anything online except for a few short articles in the TES…

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Wales’ music education review – in short

Here’s a very short summary of the recommendations of the Review of Music Education for 3-19 year olds, and the Welsh Assembly Government’s response. For the full documents see the Written statement – review of music education for 3-19 year olds. Although the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has accepted the vision contained in the report,…

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Music Education Review – waiting in Wales

The Welsh Assembly Government’s own Music Education Review was initiated last Autumn and due to report in March 2010, but it has yet to be published. It’s a shame, not only because it could have provided a useful warning for Darren Henley and Michael Gove. Music education in Wales has suffered since 2005, from the…

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