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8 questions and hacks to improve your not-for-profit, public sector or social business website

16th January 2020 |

10 ideas to help you to engage & delight your website, enews and social media audiences

9th January 2020 |

[NEWS] New online communications & marketing courses for music education, community music, music therapy

15th November 2019 |

15 helpful and easy-to-use apps and tools for social media, communications & marketing

18th October 2019 |

The power of music – me, my Mum, music and dementia

26th September 2019 |

Six ways to raise your profile through BBC Music Day (26/9/19) and annual celebration days

29th August 2019 |

Attracting young people – the importance of feeling welcome

14th June 2019 |

A step-by-step guide to writing a case study that wins hearts and minds

31st May 2019 |

Why stories will help your small charity, music or arts organisation (and a bit of science)

6th May 2019 |

How to bring more relevant people to your website through content marketing

15th April 2019 |

The #Mymusicaljourney Twitter campaign

20th February 2019 |

Getting to grips with Google Analytics (part 2) – thanks to Ben from Satori Lab

18th January 2019 |

Getting to grips with Google Analytics (part 1) – thanks to Ben from Satori Lab

11th January 2019 |

The truth about social media: most of your followers aren’t seeing your posts

21st September 2018 |

How to get more traffic to your website and improve your Google ranking

10th August 2018 |

What can music & creative education advocates learn from sports about behaviour change?

20th July 2018 |

New book by Dr Anita Collins – The Lullaby Effect – lifting the lid on early years music research

14th July 2018 |

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