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The Power of Music

13th October 2011

The Power of Music, Dr Susan Hallam’s 2011 report about the impact of music on young people,Β isn’t easy to find…

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Advocating for music – sharing research more widely

27th September 2011

I’ve been noticing for some time now how hard it is to find research evidence when you need it. Much…

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Campaigning for music education?

18th August 2011

I read about this a while ago but it’s in the news again – U2 have made a massive investment…

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Promoting 21st century skills: education in Wales

25th July 2011

Great blog by David Price about the different path that’s been taken in policy making and school regulation in Wales.…

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Apocalypse now for music education in Wales and England?

14th June 2011

Music education in many places in Wales is in a dreadful state, and the situation doesn’t seem likely to improve…

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Wales: a land with less music?

31st May 2011

Amid all the discussion and debate about the review of music education in England, there was also a review here…

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