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Getting to grips with Google Analytics (part 1) – thanks to Ben from Satori Lab

11th January 2019

Is this you? You have a website, probably an enewsletter and one or more social media channels. You’ve worked really…

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Image of social media screen

The truth about social media: most of your followers aren’t seeing your posts

21st September 2018

Facebook has changed the way it decides what to show in people’s feeds (the ‘algorithm’ has changed). This blog outlines some ways for music/arts organisations and charities to re-engage followers who may not be seeing their posts.

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Basic SEO for arts, music, small charities

How to get more traffic to your website and improve your Google ranking

10th August 2018

If you’re a music organisation, arts organisation or small charity, you may be communicating well with specific audiences. But how…

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Girls sport

What can music & creative education advocates learn from sports about behaviour change?

20th July 2018

This week, I was at a meeting about the strategy for young people’s health and wellbeing in Gloucestershire*. A presentation…

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The Lullaby Effect book

New book by Dr Anita Collins – The Lullaby Effect – lifting the lid on early years music research

14th July 2018

If, like me, you find that it’s a constant battle to make sense of all the recent claims for the…

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