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Do you need a copywriter now you have ChatGPT? I asked ChatGPT.

Mobile phone placed on a keyboard. Phone displays the words, OpenAI

There’s no ignoring it: AI is going to make its mark on every workplace, sooner or later. Many of us are wondering how it’s going to affect our own professions – including of course, copywriters and content writers. So I thought I’d ask ChatGPT for its views. As usual, it created a pretty good response,…

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Music connects beyond words: but writing matters too

Red wooden heart resting on a purple keyboard

A version of this blog was published in Leading Note – the magazine of the British Association of Music Therapy in May 2022. As someone involved in music education, community music, youth music or music therapy, you’ll understand the power of communication and connection. You’ll also have a deep appreciation of how music connects, beyond…

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3 simple copywriting tips to help you avoid the fear of the blank page

Writing Services

Writing is a funny thing. Everyone can do it, everyone does do it. Yet lots of people lack confidence or get distracted when they need to write for work. Worries about grammar rules, not being able to summon the right words, and fearing other people’s criticism can completely take the pleasure out of writing. If that’s you or someone…

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