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How parents and grandparents can support and champion music education

Music students

We’re all aware that music is good for children and music can keep people happy, healthy and mentally fit  throughout their lives – and there’s evidence to back it up. But with threats to arts and music education funding in many countries, what can families of young musicians do to make sure the current generation of young…

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Be healthy, happy, and mentally fit – make music!

Mindsong - music in care homes

We take it as read that playing a musical instrument or singing is good for the brain, the body and the emotions. Great minds such as Plato, William Shakespeare, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Hans Christian Andersen have said as much, not to mention notable musicians as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Ludwig van Beethoven and (ahem) John…

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Could schools teach more of the important things in life?

Eden - eden project book excerpt

A little off my usual subject matter, but very much related, because I think learning music gives us access to feelings, understandings and skills that are powerful beyond measure. Following is an excerpt from ‘Eden’, by Tim Smit, the extraordinary story of the Eden project. Tim is a musician, and also the founder of the…

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Facing up to cuts: the first crowd-funded music service in Wales?

This article was first published in Music Teacher magazine, November 2014. Download the article. Anita Holford reports on the state of play for music services in Wales, and how one music service has faced the challenges of local authority cuts head on. Being a music teacher isn’t easy at the moment, but if you’re working…

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What if … every child had access to music education

Another powerful presentation from academic Anita Collins, asking what the impact might be if a generation’s cognitive abilities are raised – and she gives evidence that it’s possible – through music education. [youtube]

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The role of singing & instruments in learning music – view from Australia

It takes more than singing to strike a chord in music education By Anita Collins, University of Canberra. Reproduced with permission via Creative Commons Licence   [youtube]How playing an instrument benefits your brain.   Yesterday, Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne and Arts Minister George Brandis announced A$594,000 in funding for a new national music…

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What hubs are for – guest blog from Bristol

Siggy Patchitt, Education Manager, Bristol Plays Music, gave an impassioned speech to those who attended a Music Education Council music education seminar in Bristol this month, including representatives from Make Music Gloucestershire.  He posted the full speech last week on the Youth Music Network – here’s an edited version written as a guest blog , with…

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