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Charanga music education resources

Charanga – copywriting, website development, and vision, mission and values

Charanga creates modern, fun and irresistibly easy-to-use online resources to help teachers to inspire and excite children and young people to learn music in the classroom. Our paths kept crossing through our work in music education, until it seemed obvious we should be working together!

We were commissioned initially to help develop the communications strategy and the website of one of its partners, the Lancashire Music Education Hub. We then worked with Charanga on its own communications, concentrating on vision, mission and values, and copywriting and other work to refresh the website (currently in development).

Lancashire hub website & communications strategy

For the Lancashire hub work, Anita interviewed key personnel, reviewed current communications materials, and produced a draft communication strategy and plan.

In the meantime, we were also working on a site map and briefing documents for Hub partners and the Charanga team. We then developed content for the Lancashire Music Education Hub website. In some cases, we edited existing content to make it appealing to the audience with clear calls to action; in other cases we created copywriting from scratch. Charanga’s team then developed the design and navigation of the site. The finished site clearly conveys the excitement, diversity and scale of the work of the hub.

Charanga’s vision, mission, values and website


For Charanga’s own website, the starting point was to develop copywriting to help the team communicate some important information about who they are. They needed to convey that although they are a commercial organisation, they are driven by a vision, mission and values that aligns with those of their public sector customers.

The initial phase involved workshops with the Charanga team (one which was remote by Skype), and desk research to review current communications materials. The next phase involved co-facilitating two workshops with Charanga’s website manager to look at the different types of customer, their needs and ‘pain’. We then looked at the customer journey through the website, and what new structure and content was needed. We then co-created the new content including copy and a video. The refreshed site is in the process of being developed.

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