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Club Soda – copywriting its vision, mission and values

“We wanted support to rewrite our organisation’s mission statement but only had a shoestring budget. We approached Writing Services and they worked out a dynamic approach to carrying out the work within our means. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and the service provided. We are looking forward to working with Anita and the team again”. Club Soda Committee

Club Soda is a group of adults with learning disabilities in Croydon. The group creates exciting social and creative opportunities in the town, for themselves and other people – including accessible club nights in mainstrem venues and pop-up theatre in pubs. The Club Soda Committee asked Writing Services to use its copywriting skills to explain who they are, what they do, and their vision, mission and values.

Anita knew it would be important to hear directly from members about how they feel about the group, and their hopes and dreams for the future – but a trip from Monmouth to Croydon would have added to the costs and delayed the turnaround time.

Instead, she joined one of their regular group meetings and interviewed members via Skype. The meeting gave us a real sense of the personality of the group, the commitment and enthusiasm of its members, and its impact so far. With this great start, the copywriting process came relatively easily.

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