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Dynamix, Welsh Trainers & Consultants Consortium, WCVA – editing training manuals

“With five co-authors it was vital that our training pack was written with one consistent voice. Anita and Dyfan achieved this, and this significantly contributed towards the quality of the pack. Their professionalism and efficiency made this tight deadline entirely possible, whilst still preserving the integrity and quality of our work. They showed great understanding of what we were trying to achieve and gave clear, helpful guidance on how it could be done. Anita consulted us on all important decisions regarding author voice and exercised great judgement in which areas required consultation. She managed the whole process with such diplomacy and sensitivity, whilst also always providing supportive and friendly correspondence which made her an absolute pleasure to work alongside. We wouldn’t hesitate to contract Writing Services again.”  Amy Sanders, Director, Dynamix

Dynamix, a co-operative based in Swansea, approached Writing Services with a large project and a tight deadline. The work involved copyediting a suite of training handbooks for the Welsh Trainers and Consultants Consortium, which was supported by the Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

Having worked with Writing Services in the past (see below), Dynamix approached us to see if we could turn our copy editing skills to five training documents on the subject of ‘Employment Support’. The training was aimed at staff of various ‘tackling poverty’ programmes led by Welsh Government including Communities First, Prosperous Communities, LIFT, as well as Jobs Growth Wales.

The challenge was to edit 45,000 words in a week, at less than a week’s notice, and we delivered the work on time and on budget.

About Dynamix

Dynamix works with children, young people and adult community members to promote people’s participation in society and public life, and to train the professionals that support these groups. It is a not-for-profit workers co-operative based in Swansea. Their work focuses on four themes: inclusion and tackling inequality, promoting health & well-being, futures and creating opportunities, and participation/giving people a say.

Previous work with Dynamix

Anita has worked with Dynamix in the past editing their ‘Participation – Spice it up!’, ‘Children’s Rights – Spice them up!’ and ‘Participation – Young Spice’ publications, produced for for professionals who work with children and young people – including local authority staff, teachers, play and care workers, and health professionals.

Other editing work

Department for Children, Schools and Families – Every Child Matters website

Environment Agency Wales – staff newsletter

Features editor for Sounding Board magazine – the quarterly community music magazine

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