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Grassroots - Environment Agency Wales staff newsletter

Environment Agency Wales – staff newsletter

Writing Services won the tender to edit the staff newsletter for Environment Agency Wales in order to appeal to staff and to communicate corporate messages.

“We’re delighted with the way Grassroots has developed since Anita has been working with us. It has an important role in our internal communications strategy, and the editing process helps it to be a more effective, lively publication that staff trust and enjoy.” John Rowlands, Corporate Communications Manager.

Tone of voice

Environment Agency Wales’ (EAW – now part of Natural Resources Wales) Corporate Affairs department wanted help editing their staff newsletter. Grassroots is the means by which EAW creates a dialogue with staff and communicates corporate messages, so it’s important that the tone of voice and style of the magazine reflects this.

In the past this was handled in house, but EAW wanted to save staff time and sharpen the editorial quality of this important communication tool.


Writing Services won the tender and Anita worked with the Agency for a number of years in this role. Her job was to sub-edit information collected by the Corporate Affairs department (ranging from press releases to contributions from staff), following up directly with staff where copy was unclear or more information was needed.

During this time, EAW’s Northern Area team also approached Anita to help improve their staff newsletter. She edited their news and stories to create copy which was free of jargon, easy to read and focused on the impact and outcomes of their work.


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