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Leicestershire music education hub

Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service – communications strategy

Writing Services developed a communications strategy and plan for the new music education hub in Leicestershire.

“Thank you for this – it is a meaningful working document [communications strategy and plan] that everyone in the organisation will take on board. Your great facilitation and leadership style has empowered and enriched the understanding of the team, enabling them to take ownership of the process – that for me is a fantastic achievement. A new comms culture is emerging and we are already seeing the fruits of this input from you.” Diane Rivaud, Head of Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service

Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service had developed a business plan for the new music education hub in the area. But the communications section was very brief, so they wanted a comms strategy and plan. This would help them to understand how to reach their core audiences, what tools and channels would be most effective, and what steps they would need to take to get there.

I spent two days with the team. I interviewed staff, carried out an audit of their comms, a SWOT analysis, and developed a communications strategy and plan.

This has acted as a framework for the team’s communications. It’s enabled them to share their stories and news, promote their services, and advocate music education. School teachers and management teams, partners and music educators, parents and young people are now better informed and more able to understand what the Hub is all about, and how it might benefit them.

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