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Stuart Birnie Services for Education Music Service

PODCAST [18] Stuart Birnie, Services for Education Music Service Birmingham

Stuart Birnie of Services for Education Music Service Birmingham, shares how they’re continuing to provide services and support to young people during lockdown.

You can listen now below, or on Spotify (search for the name) and iTunes or your favourite podcast app.

What’s in this episode?

We talk about:

  • The three-phase plan the team put into place
  • Phase 1 – training 36 Music School (evening music lessons) tutors in online teaching
  • Phase 2 – creating music learning videos to share with all current school customers. This resulted in 400 3 minute videos creating during the two weeks of Easter!
  • Phase 3 – training all 227 staff in delivering online 1-1 lessons using Microsoft Teams
  • How the pandemic has changed parents’ perception of the music service and communication with them
  • Preparing for the summer and Autumn terms
  • Involving local radio to reach young people with limited digital access
  • How Reel Music – their platform for instrumental teachers – has come into its own

Links for this episode

Services for Education – Music Service, Birmingham

Music of Life

NSPCC online training

Reel Music – the online portal for music teaching

About the music for education & wellbeing podcast

Listen in each month to get ideas, inspiration and practical advice from people involved in music education, community music, music therapy and more. Learn how you can break down barriers to music, through communications, advocacy and inclusive practice.

The music for the podcast was created by Otis Hynds, a young person working with Noise Solution.

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