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Helen Brookes, Services for Education Music Service, Birmingham

PODCAST [27] Progressive, inclusive whole class instrumental teaching with Helen Brookes, Services for Education Music Service, Birmingham

In this episode, I’m talking with Helen Brookes, Head of Whole Class Instrumental Teaching for Services for Education Music Service, Birmingham which leads the music education hub for the city. It’s part of the Services for Education charity, which provides a range of services to schools from school-centred initial teacher training to school improvement consultancy. We talk about the services’s progression model for whole class instrumental teaching; taking that model online during the pandemic; how they bring inclusion into the work in SEN/D and mainstream schools; and managing the balance between partnering with and marketing to schools.

You can listen now below, or on Spotify (search for the name) and iTunes or your favourite podcast app.


What’s in this episode?

We talk about:

  • how Helen’s musical journey has come full circle, beginning with the Birmingham Music Service
  • the difference that being part of a charity makes to their approach to music education
  • the service’s progression model for whole class music tuition in school – an initial subsidised year, followed by ongoing ‘medium group’ lessons that pupils opt-in to, with financial support from schools and/or parents
  • taking whole class music tuition online
  • how they bring inclusion into whole class work, in SEN/D and mainstream schools
  • how they manage the balance between partnering with, and marketing/selling to schools

Links for this episode

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Whole class ensemble teaching report, Professor Martin Fautley, Birmingham City University

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The music for the podcast was created by Otis Hynds, a young person working with Noise Solution.


Transcript for the Music for education & wellbeing podcast [27]: Helen Brookes, Services for Education Music Service, Birmingham


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