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White woman with long dark hair, beside the caption: Beatriz Ilari Centre for Music, Brain and Society, University of Southern California

PODCAST [39] Music, positive youth development, and academic partnerships, with Professor Beatriz Ilari, University of Southern California

In this episode, I talk with Beatriz Ilari, a Professor at the Center for Music, Brain and Society at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. We discuss a 10-year study looking at the impact of music and sports programmes for young people; and a short study using an evaluation method and approach to teaching called Positive Youth Development. We also discuss how academic researchers and music educators might connect to work in partnership.

You can listen now below, or on Spotify (search for the name) and iTunes or your favourite podcast app.

What’s in this episode?

We talk about:

  • the USC Music and the Brain 10-year longitudinal study and findings
  • the Positive Youth Development study, teaching approach, and findings
  • the potential for partnerships between music educators and youth and community musicians and university researchers
  • Beatriz’s three calls to action for people working in music education / youth music

Links for this episode

The University of Southern California (USC) Music and Brain Study

The Positive Youth Development Scale Study

Musical Care International Network

Sound Health Network

Citizens of Here (UK) (similar themes to PYD approach)

Gert Biesta – University of Edinburgh   Website

The Sound of the Next Generation report

Beatriz Ilari TEDx talk

National Centre for Academic & Cultural Exchange  (UK)
Knowledge exchange and music conservatories article

Centre for Cultural Value (UK)

Arts & Humanities Research Council (UK)

TRANSCRIPT: [39] Beatriz Ilari, Center for Music, Brain and Society at the University of Southern California

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The music for the podcast was created by Otis Hynds, a young person working with Noise Solution.

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