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Campaigning for music education?

I read about this a while ago but it’s in the news again – U2 have made a massive investment in supporting music education in Ireland. They’re funding instruments and tuition for young people, through Music Generation, a five year programme that happens locally within a national framework. Their strapline is ‘making music education happen’.

Whether you think this is a good thing, or bad thing (ie letting the state off the hook), at least something’s happening, and something that’s reaching the wider public through the media coverage it’s receiving.

I really hope that something’s happening behind the scenes – and soon on centre stage – to begin to raise awareness in Wales, England and Scotland of the threats to music education (see Jonathan Savage’s blog and also Mark Jaffrey’s article in Music Education UK (see page 6 onwards of the download which is an exerpt from the full mag).

I’m stating the obvious, but there’s such great potential in the music education community, the music industry and beyond that in all the people who have benefited from it, and are passionate about music.

What an amazing campaign these people could create to raise awareness, lobby and get the public involved.

A musical protest outside parliament … a series of nationwide music flash mobs … a massive gig to raise funds for the campaign … high profile advocates … and some serious strategic lobbying backed by all the quality evidence we have of music’s power …

If you know of something that’s going on locally or nationally to raise awareness, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. davidashworth on 23rd August 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Really interesting post, Anita!

    Would it be OK for us to put this up on teachingmusic website- under your name?

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