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Listen in each month or two to get ideas, inspiration and practical advice from people involved in music education, community music, music therapy, youth music and more. Learn how you can break down barriers to music, through communications, advocacy and inclusive practice.

These conversations are hosted by Anita Holford at Music Education Works and Writing Services. See the full index of Music for Education & Wellbeing podcasts here

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PODCAST [35] How singing and songwriting can help new mums experiencing mental health problems – Penny Osmond, workshop and choir leader

28th July 2022

Anita Holford talks with with Penny Osmond, workshop and choir leader, about her singing work with new mums who have perinatal mental health disorders, including the first randomised control research by Professors Rosie Perkins and Daisy Fancourt.

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Woman with short brown hair, big smile - Emma Supica, Artiphon

PODCAST [34] Making music accessible to anyone through music tech instruments – Emma Supica of Artiphon

30th June 2022

Anita Holford talks with Emma Supica, Education Co-ordinator for Artiphon, a music tech company that creates new instruments to enable everyone to be creative, with or without prior musical experience.

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Man with beard in checked shirt, with text beside Mark Robinson, Founder, Rocksteady Music School

PODCAST [33] How Rocksteady Music school created a rock band model for inclusive music education – with Mark Robinson, founder

5th May 2022

Anita Holford talks with Mark Robinson, the founder of Rocksteady Music School, which brings in-school rock band lessons to primary schools across the UK.

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A black man and a white woman, and wording: Carl and Grace, Inhouse Records

PODCAST [32] Reducing prisoner reoffending with music – Carl and Grace of Inhouse Records 

1st April 2022

Anita Holford talks with musicians Carl aka C. Roots, and Grace from InHouse Records which works inside and outside of prisons with prisoners interested in rehabilitation through music.

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Image of a choir leader with raised hands plus text Sam Chaplin, The Choir With No Name

PODCAST [31] From connection to catharsis: the benefits of singing in a choir, with Sam Chaplin from The Choir With No Name

10th February 2022

Anita Holford talks with Sam Chaplin, community choir leader for The Choir With No Name, workshop leader, singer-songwriter, jazz trumpeter, pianist, composer and arranger.

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Woman with short brown hair smiling, plus description of who she is - Rachael Perrin, Soundcastle

PODCAST [30] Community music, coaching and wellbeing – with Rachael Perrin, of Soundcastle

10th December 2021

Anita Holford talks with Rachael Perrin, a co-founder of community music organisation, Soundcastle, about wanting to find ‘other uses for music’; their work with families and adults on a journey of mental health recovery; and the crossovers between coaching, mentoring and community music.

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