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PODCAST [22] Music as a tool to connect & heal – with Laura Hassler, Musicians Without Borders

17th September 2020

Anita Holford talks to Laura Hassler, Founder and Director of Musicians Without Borders talks about the power of music for peacebuilding and social change.

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Ollie Tunmer Beat Goes On

PODCAST [21] Body percussion, STOMP and accessible music-making – with Ollie Tunmer, Beat Goes On

23rd July 2020

Anita Holford talks with Ollie Tunmer of Beat Goes On who teaches body percussion and samba drumming, and moved his sessions online during lockdown.

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Malaki Patterson Gloucestershire

PODCAST [20] Representation and inclusion in music education – with Malaki Patterson, music producer, manager and community musician

25th June 2020

In this episode, I’m talking with Malaki Patterson, who is Gloucestershire-based music producer, community musician, music manager, and creative director.…

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Sally Cathcart The Curious Piano Teachers

PODCAST [19] Pandemic mini-series: Sally Cathcart, The Curious Piano Teachers

4th June 2020

Sally Cathcart of The Curious Piano Teachers, shares how they’re continuing to provide services and support to piano teachers, and…

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Stuart Birnie Services for Education Music Service

PODCAST [18] Stuart Birnie, Services for Education Music Service Birmingham

29th May 2020

Stuart Birnie of Services for Education Music Service Birmingham, shares how they’re continuing to provide services and support to young…

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Steph Dickinson Pie Factory Music

PODCAST [17] Pandemic mini-series: Steph Dickinson, Pie Factory Music

27th May 2020

Steph Dickinson, of Pie Factory Music, an East-Kent creative youth charity, shares how they’re continuing to provide services and support…

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