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Communicate the value and impact of what you do, explain your work, sell your services

Our Services

If you work for a not-for-profit, or a music or arts organisation, and need a helping hand to communicate the impact and value of what you do, explain your work, sell your services, we can help, with:

We'll help you to win the hearts and minds of funders, supporters, partners, commissioners of services and other stakeholders - often working alongside designers and filmmakers, fundraisers and evaluators.

If you need some help to bring this all together, Anita can also support you to develop a communications strategy, including working on your vision, mission and values.

Our specialisms

We work with a wide range of charities, social enterprises and public sector organisations. We have particular skills and experience in working with organisations involved in:


Could we help you or your organisation?

Need a freelance writer, freelance editor, or communications support
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