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Communicate the value and impact of what you do, explain your work, sell your services

Do you know you need some support with your communications, but you aren't sure where to start?

Here are some ways that I can help you - along with indicative prices.

Contact me to arrange a call and get a quote.

>> This page is in the process of being updated <<

Copywriting and editing

Example: Annual report or impact report copywriting

Prices from £1,050 to £1,750

Example: support with funding applications

Prices from £175

Example: Website copywriting

Prices from £700

Features, stories, case studies

Example: case study of a young person or project

Prices from £525

Example: advocacy magazine article

Prices from £175

Website, enews, social media

Example: enewsletter creation, content/style advice and templates

Prices from £350

Example: social media campaign with design and video assets

Prices from £250

Remote or face-to-face support/coaching for team members responsible for communications

You decide the amount of time you would like each month (eg a number of hours, a half day or one day) and for how many months, and what you want to achieve. You can then use this in whatever way is most helpful: passing on skills, advising/coaching, carrying out certain tasks where skills are not yet in place.

Prices from £125 per month (plus expenses if face-to-face)

Advice by phone/Skype

A one-off consultation by phone/Skype to help you with a specific communications challenge.

Sometimes, a conversation is all you need to get you back on track with a particular challenge you have in reaching, growing and engaging your customer and stakeholder audiences. Book a call or Skype with me for advice, practical insights and signposting. Contact me to book a call.
One hour - £50
Half hour - £30

One-day communications review (offsite, one week turnaround)

[music/arts organisations involved in education/community/wellbeing]

If you know you want to improve your communications, aren't sure where to start, but want to get going quickly, this review will help. Included in your review is:

a) A questionnaire sent to you a week ahead to help you to quickly share with me the methods and approaches you're currently using

b) A 1.5 hour briefing meeting by phone/Skype to help me to understand  your priorities and challenges (covering audiences, communications goals, tools/channels, communications challenges)

c) A short assessment of your current communications

d) A summary report focused on practical actions you can take to reach more customers/ participants/supporters and win their hearts and minds

Price: £450

Communications consultancy

Communications and marketing review, strategy and plan
[music/arts organisations involved in education/community/wellbeing]

You probably know what you need to improve - often it's just finding the time and focus to do it that's difficult. A communications strategy and outline plan needn't be complex and I can adapt to your budget.

Prices from £1,400 plus expenses



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