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"It was great having a forum to sound off about the problems I'm facing, and you were great at letting me do that, but reining me in to stay relatively focussed on the issues at hand. I think you're super personable - it's rare that I ease up at all with anyone. However the session had me in a good place, psychologically, you give the impression of sincerity and of caring about what's being discussed." Sion Trefor, concert pianist, violinist and percussionist-turned electronica producer and composer for visuals


Are you interested in exploring how you can move forward in your work, tackle barriers to progress, improve your profile and the awareness of what you do?  Perhaps you need a sounding board to help you work through some challenges you're facing – small or large – or confidence issues. If you're great at what you do, but you’re not progressing in the way you think you should, I can help.

I've been informally supporting artists, musicians and other creatives in this way for years. More recently, I've worked towards a mentoring and coaching qualification with  The Professional Development Centre and The Institute of Leadership and Management via the National Union of Journalists, awarded in early February 2022. I am also an approved mentor with Music Mark, the UK's subject association for music education. Read interviews with the mentors here.

I can bring to our mentoring relationship 30 years' of experience as a communications/marketing practitioner in music, the arts and charities, as well as 20 years' experience as a small business owner.


The commitment you make/cost to you is completely up to you. At the moment, as I am relatively new to formally mentoring people, I charge £50 per one-hour session, less than my usual hourly rate (cost includes 20-30 mins pre- and post- prep/reflection time so 1.5 hours in total).

I'm happy to offer one-off ad-hoc sessions, or a programme of sessions over a period of time. As an example, some clients find it helpful to book six sessions over a period of six months, but we can agree the frequency and length of time according to your needs.

If you're interested, I offer a free 30-minute call with no obligation so you can see if I'm the right person to support you.

Book a call here.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a distinct relationship where one person (the mentor) supports the learning, development and progress of another person (the mentee). The mentor gives support by providing information, advice and assistance in a way that empowers the mentee. An effective mentor is able to stay flexible to the needs of the mentee in order to offer the appropriate types of assistance in a particular situation. For example, sometimes they are required to be a 'wise guide' and draw upon their own experiences to offer insight. Sometimes the mentor adopts a more detached posture to act as a facilitator who helps the mentee to think and decide for themselves.

The mentor is engaged in the potential of the mentee to progress and be successful, and will often feel a sense of benevolence towards them. However, the mentor's role must remain unattached to a specific agenda or the results, as ultimate responsibility for learning, progress and outcomes rests with the mentee.

The Mentoring Manual, Julie Starr

My mentoring agreement

My role is to respond to your needs and agenda rather than to impose an agenda on you.

The principles of mentoring are that:

  • The relationship is one of equality, and yet has a natural bias/emphasis upon the mentor
  • The mentor has something that the mentee needs/wants
  • Responsibility for learning, progress and results ultimately rests with the mentee

I guarantee that I will maintain the confidentiality of the relationship.  I will not disclose anything about the contents or conduct of any of the sessions without your specific agreement.

I will set aside the agreed time period for each session. If there needs to be a reasonable amount of contact between sessions by e-mail or telephone, that is included in the agreed arrangement.

We will agree on the number, frequency and duration of sessions up-front but it is open to you to re-negotiate this arrangement at any time (subject to the agreement of the sponsoring organisation if there is one).

I will be mindful of my own areas of competence and will advise you to seek help elsewhere if I feel that an area you wish to discuss is beyond my competence.

I will not intrude into areas that you wish to keep private unless invited to do so.

I believe that we should aim to be open and truthful with one another about the coaching relationship itself, and I would welcome constructive feedback on this.

We need to share responsibility for the smooth running down of the relationship when its purpose has been achieved.

I will:

  • Be reliable in keeping appointments and monitoring the length of our sessions
  • Help you find solutions to the issues that you bring to the relationship
  • Help you establish what help you need and how you might access it
  • Avoid jumping to conclusions or being judgemental
  • Help you explore options
  • Encourage you to reflect on experiences
  • Actively listen and help you explore your ideas without interposing my own unless specifically asked
  • Encourage you to set specific objectives and goals
  • Provide constructive feedback as and when appropriate
  • Liaise with any sponsoring organisation effectively whilst fully maintaining the confidentiality of the relationship

In turn, I ask that you will:

  • Make time for our sessions
  • Be honest and open in your conversations with me
  • Take responsibility for your own learning and development
  • Be committed to carrying out any agreed actions
  • Give me constructive feedback

And finally

I just want to add that being mentored is almost always a positive experience.  I enjoy the mentoring relationships that I develop with my clients, and hope that you will enjoy the experience too. I look forward to working with you.

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