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The Power of Us book image plus computer and glasses

REVIEW: The Power of Us by David Price: a must-read if you work in music, arts, charities – and beyond

29th December 2020

It’s not often that I buy a book, and then buy two more copies before I’ve even finished it (to…

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Facebook icons being drawn

Getting your posts seen on Facebook: a checklist for small organisations

30th October 2020

Love it or hate it, Facebook is an important tool for small organisations. It helps us connect with people we…

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Dr Anita Collins' BBB starter course

REVIEW: Demystifying music education research – Anita Collins’ new online course

17th October 2020

Anita Holford of Writing Services reviews Dr Anita Collins’ ‘Bigger Better Brains starter course’.

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Social media tips 1

10 useful questions to ask when planning your social media content

27th September 2020

Do you work in the education, youth & community, wellbeing & therapy areas of music/arts? Are you responsible for/do you…

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Image of people demonstrating

Template letter to school heads – advocating for music education

28th August 2020

If you’re a parent or carer, relative or friend of a school pupil – or a young person yourself –…

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Influencing and advocating for your charity, arts or music organisation – part 2 decision science

28th August 2020

Advocating for your cause following the Covid-19 pandemic using empathy, behaviour change and decision science – part 2.

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