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Woman with short brown hair, big smile - Emma Supica, Artiphon

PODCAST [34] Making music accessible to anyone through music tech instruments – Emma Supica of Artiphon

In this episode, I talk with Emma Supica, Education Co-ordinator for Artiphon, a music tech company that creates new instruments to enable everyone to be creative, with or without prior musical experience. It’s latest is the Orba, a palm-held instrument that can be used alone or connected to other technology.

You can listen now below, or on Spotify (search for the name) and iTunes or your favourite podcast app.

What’s in this episode?

We talk about:

  • Emma’s background in school music teaching, band directing, non-profits, and theatre/comedy improv
  • the importance of play and creation in music
  • Artiphon’s mission to bring music into the hands of more people of all skill levels
  • how the Orba is being used in education, wellbeing and social justice settings
  • how the Orba can be adapted for different people and environments
  • the value of participant and user voice in education, in tech, and in advocating for both

Links for this episode

Artiphon website

Artiphon Instagram

Gear4Music – for buying in the UK

Emma Supica’s website

About the music for education & wellbeing podcast

Listen in each month to get ideas, inspiration and practical advice from people involved in music education, community music, music therapy and more. Learn how you can break down barriers to music, through communications, advocacy and inclusive practice.

The music for the podcast was created by Otis Hynds, a young person working with Noise Solution.


Transcript for the Music for education & wellbeing podcast [34] TRANSCRIPT: Emma Supica of Artiphon


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