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Working with primary schools to advocate for music education – Q&A with Nicola Hutton

16th September 2021 |

PODCAST [28] Routes into the profession from youth arts participant to soul vocalist, tutor and mentor – with JB Rose

2nd August 2021 |

PODCAST [27] Progressive, inclusive whole class instrumental teaching with Helen Brookes, Services for Education Music Service, Birmingham

20th May 2021 |

PODCAST [26] Developing the next generation of jazz musicians – with Janine Irons and Gary Crosby of Tomorrow’s Warriors

26th March 2021 |

PODCAST [25] Equality, Diversity & Inclusion planning and instrumental tutor training with Roz De Vile of Music Masters

14th January 2021 |

PODCAST [24] Trauma-informed practices in community music and music education – with Catherine Birch, York St John University

17th December 2020 |

PODCAST [23] How we use reflective practice, with music tutors from Hertfordshire Music Service

29th October 2020 |

PODCAST [22] Music as a tool to connect & heal – with Laura Hassler, Musicians Without Borders

17th September 2020 |

PODCAST [21] Body percussion, STOMP and accessible music-making – with Ollie Tunmer, Beat Goes On

23rd July 2020 |

PODCAST [20] Representation and inclusion in music education – with Malaki Patterson, music producer, manager and community musician

25th June 2020 |

PODCAST [19] Pandemic mini-series: Sally Cathcart, The Curious Piano Teachers

4th June 2020 |

PODCAST [18] Stuart Birnie, Services for Education Music Service Birmingham

29th May 2020 |

PODCAST [17] Pandemic mini-series: Steph Dickinson, Pie Factory Music

27th May 2020 |

PODCAST [16] Pandemic mini-series: Emma Coulthard, Cardiff County & the Vale of Glamorgan Music Service

25th May 2020 |

PODCAST [15] Pandemic mini-series: Neil Phillips, Awards for Young Musicians

22nd May 2020 |

PODCAST [14] Pandemic mini-series: Helen Murray, Nottingham Music Hub

20th May 2020 |

PODCAST [13] Pandemic mini-series: Ben O’Sullivan, The Music Works

15th May 2020 |

PODCAST [12] Bev Foster of Room 217, on using music to change the culture of care

24th April 2020 |

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