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White ceramic pieces on a grey background, with heart in the middle. Pieces have words written on them, connected to trauma, like anger, PTSD, fear, abuse

Developmental editing for non-profit addressing trauma and adverse childhood experiences

The founder of a new not-for-profit in the USA* needed help with ‘finding her words’ and communicating the organisation’s mission and case for support.

The organisation sets out to ensure that no one who’s experienced adverse childhood experiences and early trauma will face barriers to care and healing. It uses a new and innovative way of working with individuals, communities and institutions, that has creativity and self-determination at its heart.

The founder had experienced childhood trauma herself, and as a result found it hard to tell her story and explain clearly and succinctly, what the organisation was all about.

Over a period of three months, Anita and the founder had regular Zoom meetings encompassing discussion, reflection and creative workshopping. During this time, Anita both edited and reshaped existing copy – including a concept brief and language guide/glossary of terms; and wrote new copy – including key messages, vision, mission and process/approach.

The founder now has a clear way of expressing the organisation’s value to the world, and attracting partners, funders and participants.


* I’m not able to name the organisation as I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement.


Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash

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