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[NEWS] New online communications & marketing courses for music education, community music, music therapy

15th November 2019

  A new online course has launched, to help people working in music education, community music, and music therapy to…

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Useful communications apps and tools

15 helpful and easy-to-use apps and tools for social media, communications & marketing

18th October 2019

A few of the tools and apps that I use regularly in my work – useful for people responsible for communications, marketing, digital marketing, social media.

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Ruth Jones youth arts specialist

PODCAST [8] The role of freelancers in the arts and music sector – with Ruth Jones, youth arts specialist

17th October 2019

Anita Holford talks with Ruth Jones – a youth arts specialist, trainer, music development manager and bass player – about the role of freelancers in the arts and music sector.

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Mum and me

The power of music – me, my Mum, music and dementia

26th September 2019

This is a very personal post and I hope you don’t mind me sharing it amongst my usual blogs about…

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Headphones podcasting

Quick guide to listening to a podcast – for charity, non-profit, music and arts professionals – plus recommended podcasts

20th September 2019

I love radio, but it took me a while to get used to podcasts. Now I’m a regular listener and…

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Liv McLennan early years music specialist

PODCAST [7] How can parents/ carers involve children in pre-school music? – with Liv McClennan, community musician

15th September 2019

In this episode, I’m talking with Liv McLennan, who is a community musician and a specialist in early years /…

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