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WCET Wiltshire music education hub

Breaking the mould: new models for teaching whole class music in Wiltshire

One of the main elements of the National Plan for Music Education is for Music Education Hubs to ensure all children and young people learn a musical instrument through whole class teaching. A tall order perhaps, when primaries are facing continued budget cuts, a decline in specialist music teachers, and in some cases, greater responsibility through academisation. In Wiltshire, despite these constraints, new, sustainable models for achieving this and other National Plan goals are emerging from a more streamlined hub. Read my case study on the first year of a new approach to First Access in Wiltshire.

Other case studies about First Access in Wiltshire:

‘Hit it!’ teaching drumming to whole classes via Skype

iPad music – teaching whole classes through GarageBand

First Access in a Box – a complete package to help schoolteachers teach ocarinas

Whole class ukulele – modern, accessible lessons through Associate-run classes

Photo: thanks to Westwood with Iford primary school, Wiltshire.



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