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King’s College, London – editing work culture and creativity reports

We were asked to do some editing and rewriting work by King’s College, London on The Cultural Value Scoping Project report, the second report of The Cultural Value project. This was a significant piece of research supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The report needed to be easy to read for a wide audience of arts professionals, yet retain a certain amount of the academic style of the numerous authors.

This fascinating project looked into the question of why the arts and culture matter, and how we capture the effects that they have. The second report, looked at the legacy of the research, and presented the case for a Collaborative Centre for Cultural Value.

Anita worked closely with Dr Patrycja Kaszynska, Project Manager, to edit the report and where appropriate carry out restructuring and rewriting, to ensure consistency and ease of reading, to bring out the key messages, and to outline the case for the need for the new Centre. Find out more and download the Cultural Value Scoping Project report.

A second project involved a lighter-level of editing to the College’s Creative Role of Research report. 

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