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[NEWS] New online communications & marketing courses for music education, community music, music therapy


A new online course has launched, to help people working in music education, community music, and music therapy to improve their skills in communications and marketing.

The short course – the first of a series – guides individuals or teams through the steps they need to take to become clear on their priorities for communications and marketing, make cost-effective use of their budget and time, and reach more customers, participants and funders.

Individuals or teams can work through the course at their own pace. The course contains six short 15-20 -minute videos, 15 downloads of templates and handouts, plus links to additional information and resources.

The course covers topics such as: segmenting your audience; setting goals; the power of your brand; how to create a key messages document; the importance of winning hearts as well as minds; identifying the most effective channels and activites; creating a one-year communications plan and monitoring it.

The course has been created by Anita Holford, a freelance communications practitioner, consultant and copywriter (trading as Writing Services). Anita has been working with teams and individuals in music and creative education, mainly in the UK, for more than 20 years. These have included music education hubs and music services, community music organisations, and national organisations like Youth Music and Sound Sense.

“Investing in communications has a massive pay off for organisations and individuals working in the sector,” says Anita. “It helps people to grow their reach and impact, supporters and funding. And by doing that, it helps to break down barriers to access, so it has social justice implications too.”

“But many organisations can’t afford to employ a communications person or buy in freelance help. I realised there wasn’t any training that was easily accessible, and tailored to people in these sectors. So I hope these courses help to support  the fantastic work of people changing lives through music, and contribute to growing the reach and impact of music. I’m also interested to hear what people feel they need from future courses.”

This first course is available for £175, or for the launch price of £140 (20% discount) until Saturday 30 November (midnight) and access to the course is for one year. Find out more here:

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