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Astar CD Cover

Royal Scottish National Orchestra – copywriting, CD & booklet

Writing Services was tasked with copywriting a CD booklet for a project to encourage parents of babies in Scotland to play and enjoy classical music in the home.

Hello baby, welcome to the world.
Here’s astar to light your journey,
And to watch as it’s unfurled.

Astar is the Gaelic word for journey. We chose it because we hope that music will be a big part of your child’s journey. We also liked the fact that it could be ‘a star’ to guide your baby to sleep!

Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) were creating a CD of music to encourage parents of babies to play and enjoy classical music in the home, using it in activities with their baby. In particular, the orchestra wanted to reach those considered ‘hard to reach’ and living in the more economically disadvantaged communities in Scotland.

Their then-Director of Education, Ellen Thompson, contacted Anita to help with research and copywriting for the project. The result was a beautifully designed CD of classical and traditional Scottish music with sleeve notes and a booklet – including a poem, along with information sheets and copy for the website.
The CD was distributed to all parents of new babies born in 2012, via the births registrar system, and parents were encouraged to sign up to newsletters and freebies such as games and activities, information about the benefits of music in early years, and free offers from RSNO.

The CD and booklet have now been turned into an early years music app for parents

Take a look at the CD cover and booklet

Astar – CD cover

Astar Booklet


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