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Wales’ music education review – it’s all gone quiet over here

I’m really baffled that no-one’s reporting or blogging about the Welsh Assembly Government’s review of music education. As far as I can see there was no official press release, there have been no reports in the main newspapers in Wales, and I’ve not found anything online except for a few short articles in the TES (3-19 review – musical vision; Cuts could strike sour note in land of song and Music review sounds sharp note on provision).

Here’s a really short summary of the review’s recommendations and WAG’s response.

There was so much written about the need for the review, and five years ago, more than 30 of Wales’ music personalities – including Bryn Terfel, Super Furry Animals, Kathryn Jenkins, composer Karl Jenkins, harpist Catrin Finch – were involved in a high profile campaign to get a review. Where are they now?

The key is probably that, as the TES said, WAG ‘accepted most of the recommendations but offered no further funding’ and – unlike Westminster government and the Henley Review – there’s plan for further strategic recommendations and a road map either.

As Emryr Wynne Jenkins, who led the review, says in one of the TES articles: “The key issue for us now is ensuring something happens as a result of this report …It’s encouraging that the minister has accepted most of the recommendations, but it won’t mean anything unless action is taken.”

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