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Notaro care homes – research and write brochure and web copy

Writing Services was asked to research and write brochure and web copy for Notaro Care Homes, a family-run business with 10 homes in Weston-super-Mare.

Notaro Care Homes is a family-run business which cares for residents in 10 homes in Weston-super-Mare. Most of the homes cater for elderly people, but there are also homes for those affected by alcohol-related diseases, and adults with learning disabilities. The family was looking for a writer to research and write brochure and web copy about the homes and the people who live and work there.

There were two audiences and purposes for the writing, both very different.

The copy for the care homes for elderly people and adults with learning disabilities was written to reassure potential residents and their families during the difficult process of deciding to move to a care home.

The copy for the care homes for people with alcohol-related diseases was written to convince budget-holders in local authorities, of the improvements in health and wellbeing of residents, and the cost-effectiveness of the care.

Before meeting with the key members of the senior management team, I researched the company and read Care Quality Commission reports for the homes, as I wanted to know they were offering a high quality service. After agreeing the work, I met with and interviewed the care home managers, staff and residents and developed copy for the brochures and website.

Just like my work for Cedar Care Homes, the writing came easily, as it was clear that everyone involved was caring, committed and professional. Team members showed great empathy and understanding of the needs of each of the people in their care, and I felt confident to be able to promote what they do. The stories they shared with me, and the experience of meeting with the people in the homes will remain with me for a long time.

“The work they do here is first class. People are happy here … they won’t sneak in alcohol because they don’t want to abuse it … Since being here, I’ve gained the realisation of what went wrong, and I can look at myself in the mirror now and I’m not ashamed any more. I can look at life in a better light now.” Bill.

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Visit the website (updated since original copy was written):

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