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Communicate the value and impact of what you do, explain your work, sell your services

How to win hearts and minds with your writing – starter course

Do you want to unlock your/your team’s skills in writing clearly and with impact, for customers, funders, commissioners, participants and others?

2-6 team members / ltd co sole trader:
£120 – use button below

Freelance sole trader:
£60 – email me for discount code

Larger organisations:
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Who is this for?

Would you like to explain and advocate your work so that people pay attention, care, and take action?

Turn information into persuasion, facts into motivation?

The good news is, these are simple skills that you or your team can learn and apply quickly.

This course will take you through some of the key tips and tricks that all copywriters use to win hearts and minds – and you can complete an initial run-through in less than 45 minutes!

You could be a senior leader who wants their words to inspire and empower people; an administrator who needs people to take notice of their letters and guidance documents; a project manager looking to improve their funding applications or marketing materials.

Originally, I created this course for anyone working in a non-profit or public sector organisation. As it’s developed, I can see it could also be useful to academics, freelancers, and people running small businesses.

Writing is an important and under-rated part of all our jobs – and by learning a few tricks of the copywriting trade, you’ll find it becomes quicker, easier, more enjoyable and more effective.

How will it help you?

You’ll be able to …

✅  Craft your words for clarity as well as impact

✅  Appeal to people’s emotions and interests

✅  Give people a sense of who you are, what you do, how you do it and why it matters – throughout all your communications

✅  Improve your relationships

✅  Encourage people to take action – whether that’s donating to you, setting up a meeting, signing up to an enews, or attending an event

✅  Know what to write and how to write it – and lose that fear of the blank page!

You’ll learn about: six key tips to remember when you write | AIDA and RICE communication models | What interferes with effective writing – the curse of knowledge | the ‘think, feel, know, do’ way of thinking | how to turn features into benefits | how to write so people know, like and trust you | how personas and empathy maps could help with your writing | some insights into human needs and behaviour | how to communicate your brand through writing and the importance of ‘why’

What’s inside

🎥      Seven videos, 2-8 mins each

📝      7 downloads – templates and handouts

🔗     8 links to videos, information, resources

📆     Access to the course for one year

How it works

You can work through the course at your own pace. If you choose to do it in one session, it will take you around 45 mins if you watch the additional videos too. You’ll get more from the course if you use the downloads and carry out the activities, but these can be done after you’ve completed the course.

If you’re buying the course for your team, you might also choose to watch the videos together, discuss them, and carry out the activities together.

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How can I be confident it will help me?

I’ve been a writer for thirty years: initially as a journalist for a local paper before moving into arts marketing and then adding copywriting to my skills.  I’ve been trained by the founders, including John Simmons, writer, author and brand consultant an ex-director of communications agencies Interbrand and Newell and Sorrell. I’m a member of 26, the association for writers in business.

I’ve worked face-to-face with people and organisations who want their communications to have impact for more than 20 years.

This course distils some of that knowledge into tips and tools that I – and other professional copywriters use – and that you can use too.


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