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Communicate the value and impact of what you do, explain your work, sell your services

Music for Education & Wellbeing – communications strategy

“Clear and cleanly presented.
Well thought through step-
by-step building on learning. Good exercises to do and return to. Like the idea of doing alone or in a team.”


2-6 team members / ltd co sole trader:
£175 – use button below

Freelance sole trader:
£75 – email me for discount code

Larger organisations:
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Who is this for?

You may be a senior leader or manager, the person who has responsibility for communications, or a member of the team wanting to improve your skills. Either way, I’m guessing you don’t have a dedicated communications or marketing person – but you want to feel confident that you’re making effective use of your time and money….

How will it help you?

Communications strategy and planning will help you to: ✅ Make the most of your time and money ✅ Involve your team so you’re learning how to make an impact together ✅ Assess your current communications so you can prioritise what works and stop losing time on what doesn’t ✅ Refresh your communications so they resonate with your audiences ✅ Focus your activities around communications goals, priority audiences and key messages ✅ Plan your communications for the year so you’re ahead of the game Within that, you’ll pick up tips and knowledge and stimulate your own and your team’s ideas about:

  • Segmenting your audience
  • The power of your brand
  • How to create a key messages document
  • The importance of winning hearts as well as minds
  • Identifying the most effective channels and activities to reach your audiences
  • Creating a one-year communications plan – and monitoring it

What’s inside

? Six videos, maximum 15 mins each

? 15 downloads – templates and handouts

? 12 links to additional info/ resources

? Access to the course for one year for up to 6 staff (full price)

How it works

You can work through the course at your own pace. If you are a small organisation and you’re working through this on your own, you could complete the course in a matter of days, and then come back to it later as your communications work evolves. If you watch one video a week, and use the templates and handouts to work on your strategy in between, you could complete the course in a month. Or if you are a larger organisation and are using the course as part of team meetings and workshops, you may wish to spread this out over a term.

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How can I be confident it will help me?

I’ve worked face-to-face with organisations just like yours for more than 20 years, building communications strategies and plans with teams and individuals in this sector, and working with them to carry out plans and activities. These courses distil that knowledge into learning activities that you can do on your own or with your team – amplifying the impact and value for money. The Communications Strategy course is a great place to start. I know it’s tempting to skip this part and just get straight into learning about social media, websites, marketing to specific customers groups. But you’ll find that everything to do with communications is a lot easier if you’ve taken just a little time to map out your strategy and do some planning.


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