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Communicate the value and impact of what you do, explain your work, sell your services

Social media to grow your reach, relationships and impact

“Great to have this focused at education/ community/ wellbeing sector, and organisations with small staff. The materials are great, the templates amazing, really helpful.”
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£120 price (staff of 2-3/limited company sole traders)
£60 price (sole traders)


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Who is this for?

Do you work for a music or arts organisation involved in education, community/ participation or wellbeing? Are you responsible for social media, but want to hone your skills, pick up some general communications tips, and make sure you’re making the best use of your time and resources?  Then this course is for you.

How will it help you?

Social media to grow your reach, relationships and impact will help you to:

✅ Make the most of your time and money and feel less overwhelmed

✅ Get inspiration and ideas to refresh your social media

✅ Involve others to spread the load, and make the case for social media

✅ Prioritise what works and stop losing time on what doesn’t
Plan your social media so you’re less likely to get stuck with what to post

✅ Extend your reach and build better relationships with your participants, customers, commissioners, funders and other stakeholders

What’s inside

? Six videos, around 15 mins each (session
3 is 30 mins with lots of examples)
? 11 downloads – templates and handouts
? 7 links to further information/resources
? Access to the course for one year for up to 6 staff (full price)

How it works

You can work through the course at your own pace. If you’re a sole trader or small organisation, it’s possible that you could complete it in a day. It’s more likely that you’ll want to do 1 or 2 sessions with a gap in between so you can complete the exercises. For example, if you watch one or two videos a week, and use the templates and handouts in between, you could complete the course in a month or less.

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How can I be confident it will help me?

I’ve been helping all sorts of organisations similar to yours, to communicate their value and impact and sell their services for around 20 years as a freelancer. Take a look at some of the work I’ve done.

My courses distil that knowledge into learning activities that you can do on your own or with your team.

This particular course is based on social media methods I’ve tried and tested in many of those organisations; on digital communications marketing theory that I’ve learned through courses and training; and on the advice of social media specialists who I’ve been following for years.

You’ll find that taking just a little time to step back, look objectively at your social media and refresh your approach, will pay off massively.


What people say

Reactions from early viewers:

“This is excellent and really is what many of us need, especially when running a small charity on limited resources.”

“Positive: important and useful subject matter for our sector, no one else doing this from a community music perspective (that I know of!). Also pleased to see this available online: it’s not actually my preferred learning style, but it’s so much easier for me to access around other work/family commitments compared to traditional classroom-style courses.”

“Clear and cleanly presented. Well thought through step-by-step building on learning. Good exercises to do that people could return to. Like the idea of doing alone or in a team.”

Testimonials from Writing Services customers:

“Anita has given the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England a visible external presence to support its reputation and credibility; developed a clear communications strategy; and increased understanding of communications amongst the network of funded organisations.”

Carol Reid, Programme Director, Youth Music

“You’ve brought music hub communications expertise into our team and we’ll be communicating more effectively as a result of it. We enjoyed the balance between support and challenge and appreciated your sensitivity to particular issues and challenges. Thank you.”

Nick Howdle, Leader, Wiltshire Music Connect

“Anita did great work with our leadership team, really listening to our initial thoughts, progressing the thinking, and then developing a helpful communications strategy with tangible outcomes. This has built on the work she had already carried out, working with our teams on digital marketing, and communications work for Our Future City”.

Peter Chivers, Head of Brighton & Hove Music & Arts, lead partner in SoundCity music education hub; Director, Our Future City

Not Enrolled on this course yet?

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