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Worth the wait? The National Plan for Music Education in England

Following is my summary of the NPME, written for Music Education UK magazine and website. The full piece includes comments from practitioners and authorities on music education, including school teacher Jackie Schneider, education consultant David Price, music/culture/education campaigner Marc Jaffrey and representatives from Youth Music, Sound Sense, and many other organisations working in music with young…

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Campaigning for music education?

I read about this a while ago but it’s in the news again – U2 have made a massive investment in supporting music education in Ireland. They’re funding instruments and tuition for young people, through Music Generation, a five year programme that happens locally within a national framework. Their strapline is ‘making music education happen’.…

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Apocalypse now for music education in Wales and England?

Music education in many places in Wales is in a dreadful state, and the situation doesn’t seem likely to improve any time soon. The Welsh Assembly Government’s long-awaited music education review was published six months ago now, and yet very little’s happened since. You can read more about this in my article (Music education in…

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Music Ed and the Spending Review – Music Matters Radio 3

I’ve just listened to Saturday’s discussion on Radio 3’s Music Matters, about the Spending Review and music education in England – definitely worth a listen. It’s being widely reported that during the show, Culture Minister Ed Vaizey confirmed that funding for music education will remain ‘ring-fenced’ after 2011, when the Music Standards Fund runs out.…

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