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Resources for inclusion in music

Make Music Gloucestershire – resources for inclusion in music

Make Music Gloucestershire, the music education hub for the county, was launching an Inclusion Conference. They wanted to add value to the event by signposting people to resources to help make music education more inclusive. They approached us because Anita has worked with the partnership over many years, and has a special interest and knowledge in the area of musical inclusion through work with Youth Music, The Music Works, Sound Sense, and others.

Anita has collected a range of resources over the years from experts in the field in the UK and beyond, and so she collated these and developed, with the help of the Council’s web team, an online resource, Resources for inclusion in music.

This also has the added benefit of providing relevant and valuable content to drive music tutors, music leaders, teachers and others working with young people to the Make Music Gloucestershire website. This is a form of ‘content marketing‘ – an important tactic in building reputation, interest and engagement among an organisation’s stakeholders and customers.

We hope the resource will raise awareness of the conference and of Make Music Gloucestershire, in particular its commitment to inclusion in music.

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