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Communicate the value and impact of what you do, explain your work, sell your services

Thinking of rebranding? Why writing is as important as design

A blackboard, with the word BRAND written in big blue letters. Other words and icons surrounding it associated with branding eg identity, attributes, values etc, pictures of eg a lightbulb, a key, a chart

Rebranding always results in a refresh of the logo, colour scheme and design elements. But how often do you consider your written identity? It’s the Cinderella of branding – often overlooked, rarely taken to the party, but when its value is recognised, it can be transformational.   OK, I’m stretching the metaphor a little, but…

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Learn the secrets of comms pros and get more impact from your comms: 50% discount in June

Graphic of 8 people sat around a table, table made up of coloured segments, in the centre is a lightbulb indicating 'inspiration and learning'. Around the outside is the text: Creative producer? Project manager? Admin assistant? Comms lead? Senior leader?

It’s more important than ever that as practitioners working music/arts/charities in education, wellbeing and social justice, that we communicate our value and impact, explain what we do, and sell our services. But what can you do if you don’t have a ‘comms person’?

These online, on-demand courses will help you learn the principles that comms people use every day, and create a comms mindset.

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Do you need a copywriter now you have ChatGPT? I asked ChatGPT.

Mobile phone placed on a keyboard. Phone displays the words, OpenAI

There’s no ignoring it: AI is going to make its mark on every workplace, sooner or later. Many of us are wondering how it’s going to affect our own professions – including of course, copywriters and content writers. So I thought I’d ask ChatGPT for its views. As usual, it created a pretty good response,…

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Restore the Music – key messages development & website copy

Red background, black text: "The growth and interest in music since we revamped the department is unbelievable."

“Anita’s work around our key messages was critical in helping Restore the Music to finally arrive at an articulate and precise detailing of who we are, what we do, and why it matters. Her work ethic is top-level, she will pursue the heart of the subject with great attention to detail, until she arrives at…

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West Sussex Music – vision, mission, values and comms support

A colourful diagram of a circle split into segments. Each segment represent a group of organisations within the music education hub eg schools, young people, etc

“Anita assisted with our communications during a period of major organisational change. We were initially attracted by her sector reputation and expert knowledge and quickly learned that she is a professional with conviction and values that aligned with ours. Anita’s flexible approach and responsiveness to myself and the team was immensely reassuring. We keep an…

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