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Avant Cymru – funding applications and case for support copywriting

Anita has helped us to write many funding applications for our Hip Hop, issue-based theatre and community engagement work. She was able to understand, and write about, our vision, mission and values, and the needs of the people we work with. She was friendly, approachable, relatable and thoughtful. We have been so grateful that Anita has helped us find success in the world of funding and that she has enabled us to make a difference for our artists and community.”
Rachel Pedley, Director, Avant Cymru.

Avant Cymru is a company based in the Rhondda valley in the county of Rhondda Cynon Taf. It creates relevant, distinctive issue-based theatre, Hip Hop theatre and dance, as well as other dance, film, visual arts, music and drama experiences, with and for its community in Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT), and the Hip Hop community across Wales. Recently it ran Hip Hop Cymru a Heritage Lottery -funded exhibition and related workshops and activities, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop and its legacy in Wales.

The people that Avant creates with are aged 7 to 95, and often those who least engage with traditional arts and culture: those from low income families, and young people, particularly young men. A high proportion are disabled, have health conditions, and/or are BAME. The work is founded on strong principles of cultural democracy, relationship-based and trauma-informed practice.

We first met the directors when Arts Council of Wales approached us to see if we would be able to support a funding application for the company, as its directors are neurodivergent. This brings huge strengths to the company, but brings challenges in applying for funding.

Anita met with Rachel and Jamie, the two directors; discussed their vision, mission and values; what change they wanted to bring about as a result of their work; and their stakeholders and participants.

The application was successful, and we’ve since worked on numerous funding applications with Avant Cymru, with a good track record of success.

We’re now working with Avant Cymru to find effective and authentic ways to evaluate their work as part of a Community Foundation Wales-funded project.

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