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Soundfly – a new kind of music school for today’s musician

9th December 2016 |

Musicstage – Article Profile – Are hierarchical attitudes to genre holding young people back?

8th December 2016 |

Useful learning for music / challenging circumstances from Cabinet office funded impact audit  

23rd October 2016 |

Is music good for my child?

22nd October 2016 |

Working with ‘at-risk’ young people: do we really have the right support and skills?

22nd July 2016 |

Using music as an emotional tool

22nd July 2016 |

How parents and grandparents can support and champion music education

21st July 2016 |

Be healthy, happy, and mentally fit – make music!

20th July 2016 |

How to change the world, through the way you present your stories

26th February 2016 |

Honestly – just how social is your social media?

12th February 2016 |

Working together to reach more people – can we extend audience development support to music hubs?

13th November 2015 |

Music Services – someone still loves you…

1st July 2015 |

Could schools teach more of the important things in life?

1st February 2015 |

Four first steps: Lobbying and advocacy for music and arts organisations

30th December 2014 |

Facing up to cuts: the first crowd-funded music service in Wales?

22nd November 2014 |

What if … every child had access to music education

7th November 2014 |

The role of singing & instruments in learning music – view from Australia

29th October 2014 |

What hubs are for – guest blog from Bristol

30th July 2014 |

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